... your sweetest dreams ... 
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Sweet fantasies 
Plunge yourself into the sweet world of confectionary fantasies, allow dear self quite a bit of beauty to brighten up your special days !
Creative Art
Sugar creations can easily exceed your highest expectations.. Think about the beautiful, and you will see our artwork in its most exquisite ambodiment... 
I want!
Children dreams...
All children dream of a delicious birthday cake, but today our cakes are not just pastries, but are real children's fantasies embodied in life by a skilled master of confectionary art.
My Dream !
Gravity-defying masterpieces...
It does take a bit of engineering and sweet design to create wildest 3D creatures and heroes for your special celebration!
I can't believe
Tribute to national holidays...
How do you brighten up the celebration of national holidays ? Of course with the decorated cupcakes from Sweet-Deco !
I want to see more!
The world of colors and tastes...
Simple pastries might appear...well, not so simple, when you order with us !
Oh, YES !
Fairytale world of children's happiness 
The Unicorn, the Princess or the Beast ? Batman, Superman or a new cartoon character ? When they exist in the form of our delicious popcakes, this makes them especially attractive :-)
Fly me there !
...And fairy tales come to life...
Have you ever asked yourself what a fairy tale is ? This is our imagination, plus our memories from childhood and the expectation of the future. Your fairy tale with us will be exquisite, delicious and mesmerizing !
Is this... Gingerbread ??
Royal Candy Bars
The pinnacle of confectionary art is our full-fledged Candy Bars, a concept in which the entire range of our sweet products is presented to your attention: cakes, cupcakes, cake-pops, gingerbread, pastries, desserts and much more, including exclusive themed decorations and of course, our love and passion!
yes, Yes, YES !!!
Together forever !
A wedding cake is exactly what should seal the bonds of the newlyweds and stun their dear guests, fixing the memory of this significant event in their hearts for life !
Wow, I do plan a WEDDING !!
Immerse your organoleptics in paradise !
just... order .... at... Sweet-Deco...  :-)
Please !
Read your own book of our Sweet Art !
You are the author of your desires. We are the author of the embodiment of your desires. Do write your wish book !
I am ready !
On November 16, 2021, the company Sweet-Deco Event Agency turns 4 years old (from the date of official registration in the Trade Register of the city of Lucerne). On this occasion, our customers will be receiving gifts and prizes! Come to our Atelier, order cakes, Candy Bars and desserts and you will definitely be rewarded for your loyalty !
We embody your sweet dreams into reality !

Welcome to the sweet art world of creative decorations !!

Sweet-Deco specializes in delicious and modern Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake-pops, Cookies, Gingerbread, Pastry, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Romantic cakes and full fledged Candy Bars with unique and creative decorations! 

About Sweet-Deco

Hello my dear visitors, customers, partners, friends and clients! My name is Svetlana, and I am the owner at Sweet-Deco, the Swiss Confectionary company which operates in Central Switzerland.

I am a certified confectioner (Konditormeisterin) with more than 15 years of extensive experience in design and creation of artistic confectionary and pastry. We at Sweet-Deco are a highly skilled team with proven bakery and decoration experience and credentials.

We produce most sophisticated thematic and 3D cakes for any event: Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baptism, Christmas, Easter, Corporate Events, Romantic Celebrations or Special "Thank you" occasions.
Our sweet portfolio

Wedding Cakes

Sophisticated and delicious wedding cakes for your most important event !
Get some inspiring ideas from Sweet-Deco team !
Romantic Cakes
Romantic cakes for the Birthdays of your beloved ones or your Anniversaries !

Birthday Cakes for kids

Sweet and tasty cakes baked in accordance to your most wanted theme, for kids of any age !!
Themed Birthday cake "Frozen"
Birthday Cake "The Castle for the princess"

3D Cakes

3D-sophistication at it's best - most creative and stunning pieces of confectionary art, the reputable pride of our Sweet-Deco agency!

Gravity Cakes

Beautiful 3D cakes which defy gravity and laws of physics !

Cookies and Gingerbread

Creative and all-round handmade cookies and gingerbread with 100% swiss quality ingredients !


Most delicious Cupcakes for any event, fantasy and taste!


Artistic and delightful pop-cakes with any desired filling and confectionary components!

Sugar Flowers

Creative floristics: flowers and decorations made of: 1) Sugar mastics, 2) Chocolate, 3) Waffel / Rice papers, 4) Buttercream. For any taste of yours !!

Candy Bars

The real ART of confectionary profession, a fully decorated Sweet Corner with the main Theme, cakes, desserts and decorations!

Cake fillings

The cake should not only look beautiful and stunning, but be incredibly delicate, tasty and unforgettable for you and your guests. For us it is vital to match your tastes and preferences and bake the cake in accordance with your highest expectations.
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Our Prices

We remain flexible for the big events or special orders,
so please contact us directly for a specific offer !
Themed Birthday and Romantic Cakes

One-storeyed Cake - from CHF 160.00 (10 portions Minimum Order),
One-storeyed Cake (15 portions) - from CHF 220.00,

Two-storeyed Cake (20 portions+) - from CHF 250.00 , two different tastes

Multy-storeyed Cake - price upon request

3D-Cakes - from CHF 200.00
Wedding Cakes

One-storeyed Cake - from CHF 250.00 (12 portions Minimum Order),
One-storeyed Cake - (20 portions) from CHF 350.00,

Two-storeyed Cake - (30 portions) from CHF 500.00, two different tastes,

Three-storeyed Cake - (45 portions) from CHF 700.00, three different tastes,
Three-storeyed Cake - (55 portions) from CHF 850.00, three different tastes,
Three-storeyed Cake - (65 portions) from CHF 975.00, three different tastes,

Four-storeyed Cake - (70 portions+) from CHF 1100.00, four different tastes,
Four-storeyed Cake - (110 portions+) from CHF 1650.00, four different tastes,

Five-storeyed Cake - (120 portions+) from CHF 1800.00, four different tastes,

Multy-storeyed Cake - price upon request

Sugar flowers - from CHF 20.00 per piece.
Cake-pops and Cupcakes

from CHF 5.00 per piece, minimum order quantity: 12 pcs

from CHF 7.00 per piece, minimum order quantity: 12 pcs

Ice-glazed cookies

from CHF 3.00+ (depending on size and level of decorations), MOQ: 12 pcs


Chocolate-coated Marshmallows on sticks: from CHF 3.00,
minimum order quantity: 12 pcs


Merengues on sticks: from CHF 7.00, minimum order quantity: 10 pcs

Sugar Flowers

Flowers made of sugar mastic (f.e. Rose bud): from CHF 25.00 piece

Marshmallows and Macarons

Macarons: from CHF 4.00 per piece, minimum order quantity: 15 pcs

Berry Marshmallows: from CHF 4.00 piece, minimum order quantity: 10 pcs

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us
We embody fantasies and newest confectionary techniques to life!
Very High Quality

Sweet-Deco facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and kitchen equipment and operated by skilled professionals with certification in confectionary manufacturing. We are buying highest quality food ingredients from the most reputable vendors in Central Switzerland.

Unique Experience
Not only our cakes and desserts look amazingly creative, but they also taste incredibly delicate and will definitely be remembered by you and your beloved ones for a long time and will be associated with the sensations of your celebration ! You are destined to indulge into the new streams of confectionary delight.
Individual approach
At the stage of ordering products and during the production we closely keep in touch with our valued customers, offering many options for decorating a particular dessert. We try to predict our client's desire and create a unique solution for celebrations. This approach guarantees 100% satisfaction with our sweet art.
Contact us:
+41 79 632 0567
Weitblick 3, 6038 Gisikon
Handelsregister: CHE-209.220.951
Online Contact Form
Please feel free to leave your contact details and a request via this form. Our usual reply time is within 24 hours. Thanks in advance for your interest in our sweet art and stay in touch, your Sweet-Deco team.
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Our location
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